So, I finished this song about an hour ago. It is kinda raw, unpolished, and extremely rough around the edges – somehow it seems appropriate to share it that way. When I started writing the song it made me cry. By the time I finished, it had me smiling. This is for all of my island family who are displaced and wishing they were back on St. John…(lyrics below)

I miss my island. I miss my home.
My people have scattered.
The strong winds have blown me
Back to mainland where I feel out of place
But I do my best to find hope in these spaces

Cuz they offer me shelter and kindness and love
And can’t understand why it’s not quite enough
It just isn’t Love City
Get me back to Love City

I miss my island. I miss my home.
I know it’s still there. It’s just me that’s gone.
And I’ll be back in no time, and I will be just fine
In terms of a life long its blinking an eye

The spirit that’s there, it hasn’t changed
I’ll be welcomed with arms open wide and embraced
When I get back to Love City
Back to Love City

I miss my island. I miss my home.
But I know for the moment that this is my role
And I’ll shine my light for right now from afar
So that nobody here will forget who we are.

We will rebuild, we will heal, we will grow
But we need all the help we can get from the people we know
To give back to Love
back to Love City

There’re people still there doing all that that they can
To piece things together and rework the land
That’s been battered and bent, tattered and torn
proving our island can weather the storm

I miss my island. I miss my home.
Where the people I’ve met have become
A family I know will always survive
Cuz we know what it means to be truly alive

We’re the misfits, the dreamers, the wandering souls
But we’re none of us lost once we find our way home
Back in Love City.
We’ll get back to Love city.
Back to Love City

#LoveCityStrong #StJohnStrong