The moment that I opened my eyes this morning there was a song running thru my head. That happens to me a lot. The other day it was “Shiny” from Moana. Lol. Today it was “Give Love” by Andy Grammer – I have no doubt this was a result of my soul soothing evening on the water last night.

I had a very productive work day planned but every time I sat down in front of my laptop the song took my attention away from the “business” of the day. So, I picked up my guitar and decided to figure out the tune instead. Singing it over and over put me in such a good mood that I wanted to share it with you all – a little something to encourage everyone midweek.

I expected it to be quick and painless to shoot a simple video on my porch. Not so much. The first take, the camera zoomed in and chopped my head out of the shot. The next few were interrupted by trucks headed to do construction down my road. Then there was the rain. Then, I caught this take almost to the very end and a text came thru which apparently cuts the sound. Finally, the trucks must have successfully found their site and settled in because the construction began and there would be no more takes for the afternoon.

I almost decided not to share the video because I couldn’t get one that was “good enough.” And then I remembered what the point was in the first place. It was to share this happy song with all of you. It was NOT to film the “perfect” video. It was a good teaching moment; it is easy to worry sometimes that I could be doing a better job at all of this: I should have a professional photoshoot done by now, I ought to have my website more polished, I definitely should have spent today working on my taxes, I seriously need to get some “real” music videos produced…the thoughts would go on and on if I let them. But THIS video IS real. It is just me, unfiltered, sharing a song that brought me joy while all life’s little obstacles were going on around me. And eventually it dawned on me that you only get 60 secs on Instagram anyway. Ha! And so here ya go…hope it brings the happy🤞😊 #nofilter