Politics of Kindness


Social media has an algorithm. As a business page on Facebook and Instagram, you are given statistics for every post that you share. When I share a mermaid photo, it typically reaches some thousands of feeds. Yesterday, I shared a post with a message for which I feel so very passionately, and it’s reach was minimal at best. Well, this mermaid at heart has something to get off of her chest…Be Nice!

Take #2…
I believe in promoting what is good in the world rather than bashing what I do not agree with. I believe in focusing on finding solutions rather than pouring further energy into problems. I believe that civilized dialogue leads to creative and effective solutions. I believe that you can disagree with someone and still be kind to them. I believe that it is within the context of kindness and civility that people can be heard and solutions can be found. I believe in a world full of possibilities that account for diversity and differing opinions. With considerate discourse and discussion we can truly hear one another and productive change can unfold. With hatred, bullying, and cruelty comes defensiveness, closed minds, and perpetuation of more hatred, bullying, and cruelty. I believe that there is no such thing as “righteous” hatred. One person’s hate is not better, or more justified, than another person’s hate. It’s just hate. I choose not to add fuel to that fire. I believe that just as hate begets hate, so too does kindness beget kindness. I choose to be kind.



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