I have been thinking a lot about “thriving.” Four months ago, I was opening for Skip Marley at the Necker Cup after winning VI Music Prize. In the months that followed, I opened for Keller Williams at Maho Crossroads and performed for the second year in a row at VI Jam Fest. I was having very productive conversations about co-writing for other artists and it felt like life had shifted into full on forward motion in the direction of all that I had spent nearly a decade working towards. Needless to say, I felt like I was thriving.

Now, I have spent a month at home and I have been wondering if I can describe this time as such. Can I truly “thrive” in confinement? And I think that the answer is yes. I think it is a matter of moving the goal line. Previously, I struggled to find time for regular exercise and meditation, and now I have the opportunity to come out of this stronger, healthier and more flexible in body and mind. I found myself lacking time to write new music and learn new songs for my gigs. I could come out of this with a fresh setlist and more original tunes. I could, I could, I could…the list goes on and on. There are things that I could be better at when all of this is said and done, and I can bring that version of me along when I return to the parts of life that have been put on pause. But will I? I hope so. If I can do that, then I think that I can definitely say that I spent this time thriving.

I know that everyone has different situations in the midst of all of this. Some are still heading out to do essential work. Some are home with families. Some are doing this completely solo. Some can work from home. Some have been displaced from their jobs. For each of us, thriving looks very different, but I believe that it is achievable because we get to set our own individual goal line. How are you thriving these days?

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Some days, living my best life means sitting on a dock in the BVI soaking up the sun.

Some days, it means sitting with my guitar and writing a new song.

Some days, it means sitting in front of my laptop and designing a webpage or new merchandise.

It all lights me up! What lights you up?


I love hats – literally and metaphorically, which is good because being my own boss means wearing all of them. Besides writing and performing my own music, I design and maintain my website and social media accounts. I edit photos and artwork for merchandise, ads, promotions, posts and whatever else pops up along the way. There are a few other roles that are far more adult-y (management, accounting, and what not) but basically I spend hours and hours every day CREATING and I love it. And I am beyond grateful that I have been able to build a career around it. To each and every one of you who supports me by downloading and streaming online, buying albums, purchasing merchandise, and simply following along, watching the videos, checking out the photos and taking the time to read the posts, THANK YOU. Without all of you I could not spend my days doing what I love. Thank you all for enabling my love of hats. 😉

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Back in June, John and Michelle Hale unknowingly offered me my dream job. I had been hoping for some time to find an opportunity to perform all original sets on a regular basis. I could never have imagined that I would get to do it on the water…at sunset!

The music that I write comes from a deep desire to uplift others and share a message of kindness, hope, and joyful living. I wanted the chance to share the stories that have inspired that intention and spread the music in a more intimate setting. When John reached out to ask if I would like to perform on S/V Second Chance, I mentioned the songwriter-storyteller concept and he was all in. I can hardly put into words the impact that these performances have had on me. Needless to say, the setting never ceases to take my breath away. However, the people who have come aboard and shared these magical evenings are the real treasure. I have forged bonds with strangers and deepened relationships with dear friends. I cannot say “thank you” enough to every person who has been a part of this dream with me. I look forward to all the magic that is still to come.
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Often the most beautiful sunsets come after a storm. That was most certainly the case on Tuesday night. It served as a powerful metaphor. After 4 days on an emotional rollercoaster that quite literally began with crazy and unexpected weather on island, I found myself on the water witnessing the most awe-inspiring post storm sunset I have ever seen. Complete with a rainbow that lit the sky on fire, I knew that my personal storm had passed as well. I then sat down and played my songs and shared my story and remembered who I am at my core. Sometimes life is messy. Sometimes we stumble and fall…hard. What matters most is that we get back up, brush ourselves off, place one foot in front of the other and try again. And give thanks for those who reach out a loving hand to help lift you back to your feet. It is in this space that the growing happens. There will be storms but there will also be rainbows.

bclpartyIt is not unusual to hear the statement, “it doesn’t feel like Christmas,” uttered this time of year on St. John. So many of us have grown up in the North Eastern United States, where Christmas is synonymous with cold weather and snow, along with the commercial inundation that comes with box stores and chain restaurants. On this little island, there are no stoplights, let alone strip malls, so we find ourselves pleasantly removed from some of the lesser wonders of the stateside holidays. However, with this luxury plus year-round “75 and Sunny,” Christmas can tend to sneak up on us. Additionally, this is the time of year when “high season” begins to kick in and people start putting noses to the grindstone. Keeping all this in mind, I found myself determined to make sure that this year “felt like Christmas.”

I began thinking about some of my favorite holiday traditions and listening to friends share stories of their own; First things first were gift-giving and card writing. This set the perfect tone; you can’t help but have love in your heart when you are imagining people, near and far, joyfully opening real mail intentioned just for them. For me, this process also included gathering addresses from friends, meaning quick messages here and there, and moments of connection with people that are often on my mind, but not often in my “inbox”. In honor of full disclosure, there was also a bit of Facebook stalking involved to insure that names of new family members were spelled correctly when it came to spouses, babies, pets, etc. This ended up being a blast, too – I realized that I had missed a few exciting announcements – pregnancies, engagements, cross country relocations. I looked at pictures of families growing together and it made my heart swell.

Next, there was the event planning – nothing fosters holiday cheer like a great party. Conveniently, Christmas Eve falls on a night that I regularly gig at The Barefoot Cowboy Lounge, so I started putting ideas into motion and the excitement was contagious. I told the other girls, “I don’t care what it says about me, I have always wanted one of those sexy Santa dresses with the fur trim, so I am getting one.” There was unanimous consent and collaboration on the costume front. Appropriate arrangements were made to allow for variety when spiking the eggnog – not all of us have taken to putting Fireball in everything we can get our hands on. Equally important is nourishment; Potluck is the obvious winner because we get to make our favorite holiday dishes. I am a big fan of the bread bowl. It tastes awesome, looks lovely, and there is absolutely no actual cooking involved. Finally, we came at the music from multiple angles – combining our efforts, a band of misfits has been loosely assembled for entertainment. Furthermore, caroling books have been printed to ensure audience participation later in the evening. After the party, we will barhop along the waterfront and serenade friends and strangers, locals and tourists, alike. All this, as we make our way to the other side of town where the next party should be kicking into high gear, and there we will find what we have all been longing for…snow – which is really soap, but it has the desired effect without the frozen digits. It will be a wonderland, for sure. It will, most definitely, be a night full of good cheer.

Over the last few days, I have really stepped up my game. I watched Christmas movies and listened to Christmas tunes. I bought pine scented sticks to achieve the desired “Christmas tree smell”, without the actual tree, as they are hard to come by in the Caribbean and my apartment is “cozy” already – which is to say that it comfortably fits two people and a bit of furniture; when I put a yoga mat down, I have essentially used all the free floor space in either of the two rooms. I decided that baking would also add to the desired holiday scents. Sugar cookies were a clear choice because they come prepackaged. Then, I had visions of my parents’ kitchen smelling like homemade Chex mix and mulling spices. Well, I couldn’t find mulling spices anywhere – the looks I got when asking for such a thing down here were comical– but I was determined to make Chex mix, despite the fact that a box of cereal on St. John cost about seven dollars and it would clearly require three types of Chex to do it properly. It was worth every penny. If you have never eaten hot Chex Mix, fresh from the oven, you need to add this to your list of holiday traditions – if you asked me, it leaves freshly glazed Krispy Kreme donuts in the dust.

As I nibble on the salty, buttery goodness and think about Christmas spirit, I am humbled. While the smell of baked goods is lovely, delivering them to the upstairs neighbors is the real treasure. The party dress is fun, but it is the coming together of a community, for the purpose of celebrating life, that truly stands out from a distance. Love is at the heart of it – connection to kind hearted, giving, vibrant people. Life is at the heart of it – not taking a moment for granted; embracing every minute and squeezing every last drop of joy out of this beautiful existence. That is the foundation of these traditions — at the heart of the Christmas spirit. When I say that I find myself humbled it is because I realize that I experience this on an almost-daily basis living on this tiny little rock. It has occurred to me that it always “feels like Christmas” on St. John.