Erin Hart arrived on St. John in 2009 with a suitcase and a guitar. When her feet hit the Cruz Bay dock she knew that she had finally found her home. The island’s natural beauty was clear but the thing that stood out most was the community. The people that she met, the people that became her island family, immediately showed her kindness and encouragement. It was their support that allowed her the freedom and opportunity to find her voice as a musician, a songwriter, and an individual.

Over the years that have followed Erin has become a fixture in the St. John music scene, with much of her original music a nod to the lifestyle and lessons inspired by her time in the Caribbean. She was evacuated, with the help of Kenny Chesney’s organization Love For Love City, twelve days after Hurricane Irma devastated the Virgin Islands. With the intention to raise awareness and financial support for her community she has been performing at VI relief events throughout the states, sharing her music and her message. After nearly 10 months, Erin is thrilled to finally return home to the island full time where she will continue writing, performing, and planning part time travel back to the mainland for continued fundraising efforts.