Brand new video for the studio recorded original song “Freedom in the Wind”


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I want to ride on the waves,

Sail on to another place.

Won’t you take me away?

I know there’s freedom in the wind.


I hear the ocean call my name

And feel this blood course through my veins.

Strength it washes over me,

My fears release and I am free

To see this world for all it is,

So full of blessings, full of gifts.

Gifts of love, of hope and peace

Flow out and then rush back to me.


I watch the sun rise in the east

And dream while everybody sleeps.

In waves my thoughts roll by and by,

They ebb and flow just like the tide.

I think of all that I’ve been shown,

The greatest wonders I have known.

As sure as anything I’ve seen,

I know I’ll have all I believe.


The shade is pulled on the sunshine

And stars, they fill up the night sky.

Some will fall and some will shine,

But we all know when it’s our time.


–music and lyrics written and performed by Erin Hart–

–video features photography by Erin Hart (with the exception of photos that include me) —


Magic In The Air

Two weeks from today, I will join my friends in Puerto Rico on their beautiful vessel, Someday Soon.  We will set sail for the Bahamas and then on to Key West, Florida…There is magic in the air.

photo location: US Virgin Islands (January 2015)

Sail On

“I want to ride on the waves, sail on to another place.

Won’t you take me away…I know there’s freedom in the wind.”

–from Freedom in the Wind

by Erin Hart

photo: S/V Cimarron, US Virgin Islands (March 2015)